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Company BBQ party


In Dec, when the effects of the new corona infection were alleviated, we held a BBQ party by the picturesque to enhance the unity among employees and promote communication. On the day of the event, the campsite was filled with a delicious scent, riding the wind. The employees toasted each other, ate a lot, and had a good time with smiles. 


We realize that many don't enjoy the same climate benefits and need to move the party indoors when the weather turns cold. You also may not have access to outdoor grilling space.   ADC cookware are a good go-to for these circumstances.   Quality Die Cast Aluminum body, It will sear, sizzle and grill its way into becoming a kitchen favorites.   Lighter than cast-iron but just every bit as impressive, die cast aluminum is the best new option for all your cooking needs, the non-stick coating, SGS approved. PFOA free, smokeless, safe and healthy.   Suitable for both indoor cooking and outdoor camping, BBQ, etc.  Super easy to clean up, just wipe it with a paper towel or rinse it with water.