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  • Attaches great importance to product quality

  • We have nearly 200 employees

  • Plant covers an area of 50,000 square meters

  • We have our own Professional R&D team.

Featured Products

  • Saucepan with Lid

    Saucepan with Lid

    If you have a kitchen, it will be pretty nice while you have a High-quality ADC® Saucepan with Lid. They are deep enough to boil water or soup . Saucepan with Lid also could used for boiling pasta, cooking oatmeal, heating canned foods, making sauces, steaming, and much more.

  • Nonstick Sauce Pot

    Nonstick Sauce Pot

    Do you like soup? We do, especially in winter. Image that scene of sitting by the window with a cup of delicious soup in hand and watching to children play in the snow outside. ADC® Famous Nonstick Sauce Pot is a good choice for some easy soup. You also could use it to make some seasonings.

  • Deep Fry Pan

    Deep Fry Pan

    Bring high-quality cookware to your home kitchen with ADC® Deep Fry Pan made in China. They can prepare a large meal for a family of five person, don't worry about whether the pot is suitable, you just need to prepare all the ingredients with peace of mind.

  • Shallow Casserole

    Shallow Casserole

    China ADC® Shallow Casserole is perfect for cooking casseroles, stews and soups with a large base. It's suitable for braising meats and vegetables. Shallow Casserole made in China is ideal for cooking for two or more people.

  • Aluminum Casserole

    Aluminum Casserole

    Aluminum Casserole is a large, deep dish which can be used both in the oven and as a serving dish. The non-stick surface lets you cook with less oil, making cleaning to be a breeze !Die Cast Aluminum Casserole is ideal for cooking your favorite meals.

  • Oval Fry Pan

    Oval Fry Pan

    While durable Oval Fry Pan is designed specifically for fish,the oval shape is also well suited for steak, shrimp, scallops and omelets, It has low and flared side walls which could contain splattering and facilitate turning of food with a spatula.

New Products

Double Griddle Plate

Double Griddle Plate

Die Cast Aluminum ADC® Double Griddle Plate made in China, double sides make it versatile. Use the flat side for pancakes, eggs, crispy pizza, and more, and the ribbed side for meats, steaks, roasts, and more. Great for useing at the campsite or in the kitchen, handles on each side are easy to grip.

Classic Cookware Set

Classic Cookware Set

Fry Pan, Roaster, Wok, Casserole, our most basic and the most classic four pans. They will appear in most kitchen and they could handle your most cooking methods.If it's your first time to buy cookware, ADC® Classic Cookware Set made in China will be a good option.

Smart Grill Pan

Smart Grill Pan

If you're tired of overcooking your steak, or just want to know your meat is safe to eat, this ADC® Newest Smart Grill Pan with thermometer can be a game changer. Built-in Thermometer could quickly check the status of the meat, and the temperature can be read instantly when built-in. The meat will be cooked to perfection every time.

Nonstick Master Pan

Nonstick Master Pan

You want to eat eggs as the breakfast ,but you still want some ham meal sausage, forget one thing, some broccoli. Now you need us. We could meet your needs with one pan. We're Customized ADC® Nonstick Master Pan .

Fish Grill Pan

Fish Grill Pan

ADC® Fancy Fish Grill Pan made in China with fish shape is specially designed for cooking fish, many cooks also use it to store food and cook soup. Due to the large and high side, it fits for large cuts of meat such as ham, brisket, or roasts.

Stovetop Pan

Stovetop Pan

Love hearts, snowflakes, triangles, circles, hexagons, stars and more,they're very cute,right?Choose your favorite pattern and make some cakes with this shape by ADC® High-quality Stovetop Pan .The Bakelite handle will protect you from the extra damage,such as scald.

Nonstick Pancake Pan

Nonstick Pancake Pan

ADC® Popular Nonstick Pancake Pan feature a concave pattern and low sides that make pancakes easy to flip.Non-stick coating allows fry with less oil but won't stick to the pan. They're very easy to operate that you don't have to do a lot of prep work and they cook pancakes pretty quickly.

Oval Roaster

Oval Roaster

ADC® High-quality Nonstick Oval Roaster are always the center of any holiday meal or special gathering. ADC® Nonstick Oval Roaster have a strong Die Casting Aluminum body perfect for absorbing and distributing heat evenly and quickly. The tight-fitting domed lid that locks in moisture, for juicy,tender results.


  • How to pick the right Aluminum cookware for your kitchen?

    When choosing Aluminum cookware , you should ensure that you buy from a professional or reputable producer that is known for the production of high--quality cooking tools.

  • Proper Way to Clean An Aluminum Cookware

    Before cleaning, make sure that you allow your cookware to cool off– obviously, they will rapidly cool off to room temperature.Please pay attention to use room temperature cooling, do not rinse and cool with water.

  • Aluminum Cookware of ADC

    Aluminum is a hot conductor, which makes it an ideal choice for cooking utensils. The heating coefficient of aluminum is much higher than other materials.