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What is a Sauce Pot?


What is a Sauce Pot?

What is a Sauce Pot? And how do you use Sauce Pot to make recipes? Learn about Sauce Pot today!

Make sauces? Soup? Your secret pasta recipe ? Yep, yep, yep! These are all things you can do with a Sauce Pot, but there’s more. 

What is a Sauce Pot?

Sauce Pot is what you need for dishes like risotto, mac and cheese, soups, and sauces—it’s one of the most versatile style of pan out there.
The base of the Sauce Pot is small and round, with high,straight sides. These relatively higher sides mean there's plenty of room to hold onto hot foods when they jump (sauce splattered on anything or anyone is not a cute look). Does anyone like hard-boiled eggs? A Sauce Pot is the perfect tool for boiling eggs, and frankly, there is no better tool.

When liquid-based, cooking dishes or boiling water, a saucepan will be your best shield. You don't need to clean up sticky drips of oil or sauce that pop up from the pan after a recipe, because with a Sauce Pot, even the most vibrant liquid stays in the pan.

Unlike a Fry Pan without a lid, a Sauce Pot has a lid. So we can better hold the moisture in our food.

Sauce Pot Materials

Not all Sauce Pots are created equal because the ingredients are different.

Our Sauce Pot is made of aluminum, which allows the heat to be evenly distributed. Aluminum is also a very stable metal, not because of the baking temperature changes.

Like all Aluminum Cookware, the Sauce Pot will have a non-stick coating on the surface to prevent the ingredients from sticking to the bottom.

Things You Can Do with a Sauce Pot

You can do a lot of different things with Sauce Pot, but what they're really good at is cooking with liquids. Sauce Pot is perfect for boiling, steaming, braising, simmering and frying.
Let's start with the basics: boiling water. Picking up a Sauce Pot  should be second nature when you need to boil water. Boil water to cook pasta, potatoes, and make any type of sauce.

Due to its high sides, the Sauce Pot can also be used to steam vegetables. These high sides support even heating and, with a lid, the Sauce Pot can double as a small Nonstick Dutch Oven. Put some water in the bottom of the pot, a steamer, and serve with your favorite vegetables and your first or side dish will be ready in no time.

A suitable Sauce Pot can also be used for braising. When it's as simple as putting everything together in a small pot, there's no special occasion needed to make a mouth-watering dish.

You probably have a whole new appreciation and love for your Sauce Pot right now, right? We hope so. Sauce Pot do so much good and bring so much convenience, and we want everyone to know that.