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Skillet, Fry Pan, Wok: What’s the difference?


The terms Skillet, Fry Pan, and Wok are often confused and used interchangeably,even by seasoned chefs.Of course, this matter may only slightly affect the taste of your dishes today,if not sensitive people,should not notice.But this becomes one of the many reasons that buying cookware has been such a confusing process.

Both Skillet,Wok and Fry Pan are designed for use on top of the stove. A traditional Fry Pan has a flat bottom with slightly sloped walls,sometimes referred to as Skillet.They are designed this way to allow for oil, sauces and other liquids to sit evenly across the bottom of the pan.The slanted sides make it easier to stir, flip, and toss ingredients in the pan so that everything is cooked quickly and evenly.A Fry Pan has other uses, too, and it is considered to be one of the most versatile pieces of cookware in the kitchen. For example, a Fry Pan is great for searing meat, chicken,or some sauces.

A Wok normally has more of a round bottom, allowing the liquids to sit in one spot in the centre.They have deep walls that also slope.So it also can stir, flip, and toss ingredients. But the Woks sloping deep walls trap in more heat, cooking food will be quicker than if you use a Fry Pan.

All a Wok , a Fry Pan and a Skillet is useful for any kitchen.Neither are better than others, they are simply required in different situations.