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Why Aluminum Chinese Wok Is The Ideal Cookware For You


Food sticking to cookware surfaces often leads to unpleasant situations, especially when serving and cleaning cookware.This is why having and using the right cookware is very important to your cooking.A Chinese Wok is a cooking appliance that can be used in different cooking methods, such as steaming, boiling, braising, frying, sauting, etc.

Chinese Wok can be made from different metal raw materials, such as aluminum, steel, iron, etc. Aluminium is a common raw material, often used in the production of cookware. Aluminum is heat sensitive and loses heat slowly.
Most professional cooks prefer aluminum cookware because it is a good conductor of heat, lightweight and more durable.

Benefits of Using a Chinese Wok for Frying
While Chinese Wok can be used in any cooking method, most people don't think of using a Chinese Wok when it comes to frying, but it's actually a great cookware option.

Here are the advantages of frying in a Chinese Wok instead of other cookware;

1. Fry more than once

Chinese Woks have a large surface area compared to other frying cookware, which means you can accomplish more frying at once. Reduce the time spent on the heating furnace.

2. Avoid oil spills

The Chinese Wok has a higher edge, which better prevents oil from splashing and makes it easier to clean the stove top.

3. Easy access

The gently sloped side of the Chinese Wok allows you to move the contents of the pan easily and freely to ensure even frying.

4. Fry the same amount of food in less oil

Using a Chinese Wok for frying allows you to reach the desired depth of oil with less oil because the sides of the wok rise earlier than other cookware.
Here are the benefits of using an aluminum pan:

§ Good conductor of heat
In general, aluminum can cook food on the stove and achieve the same baking effect in the oven. Aluminum pans conduct heat better than stainless steel ones.

§ Thermal conductivity
Aluminum pans usually have excellent thermal conductivity.

§ Easy to clean
Aluminum pans usually have a non-stick coating surface, not only can be used to better fry food, but also easy to clean

§ Rust prevention
Aluminum pans is different from iron pans, do not have to worry about rust

§ High durability
Aluminum is soft and not prone to fracture.

§ Slow heat dissipation

Aluminum conducts heat well and keeps heat well because it dissipates heat more slowly