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How to Cook After Work


Six simple tips to make cooking on weeknights feel less like a rushed chore and more like a ritual to help you de-stress.

Sometimes after a long day at work (exhausted from socializing and typing), the last thing we want to do is cook dinner. It's no secret that takeout seems to be a better option when you think about the process, from shopping to preparing to cooking to cleaning up, and probably most singles do.

It's okay to opt for takeout, but ordering it too often will make you more and more tired of cooking and affect your overall health. Here are some tips to make cooking on a weeknight simple and ceremonious. So go ahead, pick up that recipe you've been following lately, and start next Monday and try these tips.

Plan a buying strategy
Nothing says "no thanks" like a trip to a busy grocery store after work. Try stopping during your lunch break to pick up some dinner supplies. Not limited to vegetables, meat, or condiments, good-looking dishes, chopsticks, POTS and pans can be added to your shopping cart. By the time you get home, you'll have made a good start on the distance to dinner. Of course, this is not just the beginning.

Do your homework in advance
There are certain dishes you can choose to put in your freezer in advance, such as frozen foods, or sauces. To combat this, you can prepare them before you head out the door in the morning, such as taking out frozen foods and putting them in the freezer or on a cutting board. The sauce is made first.
When you get home, you don't have to waste time getting ready. Of course, you can't resist the option of cooking dinner, since the food is prepared in advance.

Keep healthy snacks on hand
No one likes to be hungry and tired, let alone a cook who needs to make dinner. Cooking in a hurry can cause your dinner to become a problem, undercooked, lacking in flavor or overcooked. Not only will it ruin your food, but it will also make your mood worse. To avoid a sad dinner, place light and healthy snacks on the stovetop in the kitchen to soothe your appetite until your meal is ready. A handful of cashews, a bowl of mixed berries, or almond butter cookies can tame a noisy belly while you get ready. Of course, just eat a little. We need more room for our delicious dinner.

New perspective
Cooking can feel taxing at times, especially after more than eight hours of work. Find opportunities to treat yourself while you're cooking, such as trying a new recipe, listening to your favorite music, or enjoying your favorite drink. Giving yourself extra comfort can enhance your cooking experience and make dinnertime feel more like a pastime than another to-do list.

Hunt for leftovers
We don't expect you to cook every night, so plan your quantities when shopping. Thinking about leftovers can help you maximize the amount of money you spend on cooking. Soups, stews, pasta sauces, or homemade salad dressings are great options for preparing meals that can be simply swapped to make your meal feel fresh the next day. Top a soup or stew with fresh herbs, leafy greens, or grated cheese; Cook some fresh pasta or plain pasta with sauce; Or make a fresh salad to spice it up. Your prep time will be quick, but you can still enjoy delicious home-cooked meals.

Avoid a washing-up burnout
Congratulations on that delicious meal. You did it! But for now, there are those pesky plates. On weeknights, looking for recipes that require the easiest, requiring only a skillet, sauce pan or Dutch oven recipe is our go-to. If you want to avoid over-cleaning, choose a non-stick cookware.
Bonus tip: Remember to clean up your pans and cutlery before you finish your meal, because there's nothing worse than staring at a pile of dirty pans and plates after a full meal.