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What is a Nonstick Hot Pot?


It has a round body connected to a wooden handle and a unique base that might be paired with a cute little glass lid.This is our Nonstick Hot Pot.
In its simplest form, a hot pot is a container placed over a direct heat source, either bamboo charcoal or an open flame. Keep your gooey cheese or creamy chocolate warm and melted, ready to dip.

Some people say Hot Pot is back, but we think it really never left, some people just forgot or stopped using it. The word Hot comes from the French fondre, meaning "to melt," which has been around for centuries. In fact, according to the BBC report, the first recorded mention of Hot "dates back to Homer's epic poem Iliad from 800 to 725 BC, where it is described as a mixture of goat cheese, wine, and flour."

In the U.S., Hot Pot really took off in the 1960s and '70s as a gimmick for stale bread before morphing into a catchy term for communal hotpots. Today, the trend continues to grow. After all, who doesn't love to dip bread, potatoes and other vegetables in a bowl of hot cheese?
In Japan, Hot Pot has always been a common occurrence in almost all households. They are keen to use small and delicate POTS to make meals more enjoyable and enjoy this simple and delicious way of cooking food.Hot Pot is a classic dish and a great way to bring family and friends together for a fun evening
In China, Hot Pot is the favorite of almost all young people, one of the many choices for socializing, dating, and family dinners. Different from other countries, we have a variety of patterns to choose from, and recently there is a rise of milk tea Hot Pot.

But Hot Pot can be more than just cheesy or chocolate . You can cook a variety of proteins in Hot Pot, including steak, chicken, pork and seafood. Don't forget dessert: You can soak anything in the rich, melted chocolate Hot, from classic fruits, marshmallows and cookies to more unique containers like doughnut fries, ice cream sandwiches, and even potato chips. Whatever you want.

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