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About the size of the fry pan


Sometimes when we choose cookware, we only pursue good quality and significant functions.Yet there's one important thing you also need to consider: size.To be completely honest, there are dishes that we could plaster a family portion of. With other dishes, however, large fry pans are simply oversized. The usual fry pan sizes are 24 cm or 28 cm.

20 cm: Sufficient for the single household, the small hunger and for the preparation of side dishes or fried eggs.

24 cm: The perfect fry pan size for 1-2 people.

28 cm: The most common fry pan size, ideal for two to three pieces of meat. This fry pan size should be found in any family kitchen, ideal for 3-5 people.

32 cm: A large fry pan suitable for portions of approx. 5 - 7 persons. This fry pan size should only be used when a lot of frying surface is required.

Suitable size can basically cover all your cooking needs. Small sizes come with convenient and simple use; big sizes are versatile to cook a large amount of food and bring enough space for all kinds of dishes.

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