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What is a Dessert Pan?


The Dessert Pan - also known as a baking sheet - is one of the most versatile baking sheets you can own.

These handy kitchen tools are rectangular or round, perfect for use in standard kitchen ovens. Because they are available in a variety of standardized sizes, you can easily stack them on top of each other, saving yourself precious kitchen storage space.

Dessert Pans have raised edges to prevent any liquid from escaping. This makes them perfect for catching the nutritious liquid of delicious meats and vegetables while keeping the Dessert Pan clean. The raised edges have another benefit: they prevent ingredients from falling off the Dessert Pan when you flip them around in the oven, greatly reducing the number of times the oven has to be cleaned.

Because they come in so many sizes, a dim sum plate will meet most of your cooking needs. Large dim sum plates can be used to grill any delicious dish you can think of, such as grilled fish, grilled chicken and single-plate meals. On the other hand, small size snack plates are ideal for baking desserts such as cakes, brownies and cookies.

Finally, if you add a wire rack to the baking sheet, you can increase air circulation. This helps you bake and cool your ingredients. Thanks to the increased air flow, you can easily grill a chicken, grill a steak, and heat up anything fried.

The variety of Dessert Pan
There are several different styles of Dessert Pan - each with a different purpose.

Round Dessert Pan
This is an essential tool in most cake shops and bakeries, which have ovens large enough to accommodate its size. And this style of cake is more popular.

Rectangular Dessert Pan
It's the perfect size for making lots of sweet and salty dishes, such as a one-pot dinner, roasted vegetables and enough bacon to last you a week.
If you're entertaining dinner guests, cooking for your family, or just want to have extra leftovers, this baking sheet is a must.

Square Dessert Pan

This is perfect if you're just cooking for one or two people. This baking sheet is also ideal for those with limited kitchen space.

Oh, and the best part? When you're done cooking, you'll have a lot less surface area to clean.

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