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What are the use methods and precautions of the Pressure Cooker?


The Pressure Cooker is one of the necessary kitchen utensils in the kitchen, but many times people don't know how to use it, which can easily cause dangerous accidents. Let our pressure cooker suppliers talk about the use and precautions of Pressure Cookers today.

Steps for usage:

1. Oiling: For new pots that have not been used, the sealing ring has high elasticity. Add a small amount of cooking oil to the top and bottom of the pot to facilitate initial opening and closing. The lid, body, and handle should be cleaned before and after each use for easy lid closure and next use

2.Put food: Do not put food too full, generally not more than four-fifths of the capacity of the pot. For food that will expand during heating, it should not exceed half of the pot body. The ratio of water to food is matched according to different foods. But each time the water or soup should not be less than 400ml (about two bowls).

3. Close the cover: Before closing the cover, check whether the exhaust pipe is unblocked, whether the anti-blocking cover is clean, whether the safety valve is intact, whether the float moves up and down freely, and is in the falling position. When closing the lid, mark the lid and the lid, fasten it completely, and be careful not to overturn it.

4. Heating: heat with high fire. When more steam is discharged from the vent hole, buckle the upper pressure valve cover. After the pressure limiting valve works, you can properly reduce the firepower and keep the exhaust until the cooking is done. Pay attention to control time.

5. Exhaust: After cooking, it is best to cool naturally at room temperature. If you want to eat right away, you can use forced cooling to reduce the pressure. After cooling, open the pressure limiting valve to release the remaining gas.

6.Open the cover: No steam is discharged, and the cover is opened counterclockwise after the float falls. If the float doesn't fall off, there is still pressure in the pot, so don't force open the lid. You can use chopsticks to depress the indicator valve to expel the remaining air in the pot.

1. Before use, carefully check whether the vent hole is unblocked, and whether the hole under the safety valve seat is blocked by rice grains or other food residues. If it is blocked by food during use, the pot should be removed from the fire source. After forced cooling, please clean the vents before continuing to use, otherwise food will spray out during use and burn people.

2. The handle of the pot cover must completely overlap with the handle of the pot before it can be placed on the stove to cook food, otherwise it will cause accidents of the fryer and flying cover.

3. It is strictly forbidden to increase the weight on the pressure valve during use to increase the pressure in the pot and forcibly shorten the production time. If the pressure valve is lost or damaged, it should be matched with a pressure valve of the same specification.

4. During the heating process, do not open the lid halfway, so as not to overheat the food. Before exhausting, please do not open the cover, so as not to cause food to spew out and hurt people. The lid should be opened after natural cooling or forced cooling.