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You may want know about the 133rd Canton Fair 2023 Spring


The 133rd Canton Fair is scheduled to be opened on April 15th, 2023.

If you attend the Fair offline for the first time, you need to apply for a Buyer Badge to enter the Canton Fair Complex. The Online Pre-registration is open in advance to ensure you a successful onsite attendance. Experience now!

Note: If you have applied for the Canton Fair Overseas Buyer Badge, please note that the Badge can be used for multiple sessions and you can directly enter the Complex with it this session, which is convenient and time-saving. Please keep it properly.

Invitation and buyer badge can be applied at https://invitation.cantonfair.org.cn/Home/Index

Application Requirements

a. You need to improve the valid company and personal information for Online Pre-registration. To improve the personal information, please fill in your passport information and upload your photo for Buyer Badge.

(Effective overseas certificates include Foreign passport, HK or M Returned Card, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents, Chinese passport as Overseas Chinese (Chinese passport + Permanent resident card/visa of foreign country or region) and Chinese passport bearing an overseas work visa valid for at least 1 year.)

b. Pre-registration is only for buyers who apply for Buyer Badge the first time.


Application and Verification Time

Pre-registration has started. Verification for getting Badge at Oversea Buyers’ Registration Offices in the Canton Fair Complex will start from March 6th. We will verify as soon as possible after you submit the application.


Get Your Buyer Badge

After the pre-registration is approved, you can print “Return Receipt” online,and get your first Badge free at the following places with the Return Receipt mentioned above and valid overseas identity documents:

a. Oversea Buyers’ Registration Offices in the Canton Fair Complex

b. Canton Fair Hong Kong Representative Office (Only accept Overseas passports, H.K./Macao Home-return Permit, and Taiwan Compatriot Travel Certificate)

Come and pre-register as soon as possible.  Welcome to our booth ( 18.2 F27-28 ), we are waiting for you in Guangzhou!