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Visit trip of Indonesian guests of ADC Company


Time flies. This is already the fourth year of the COVID-19 in China. From the lockdown of Wuhan,China to the following national lockdown, with the continuous study of countless scientific researchers in the medical field, the continuous emergence of vaccines and reagents, as if the epidemic has gradually become an indispensable part of life.

In an unexpected turn of events, China has fully relaxed its control over COVID-19 and stopped imposing home quarantine. Many elderly people died of complications caused by the COVID-19 infection, young people experienced mild or severe symptoms in self-isolation at home, and middle-aged people still chose to go to work sick due to economic pressure. During that time, the respiratory department of hospitals was also full of people. But as time goes by, everything seems to be getting better gradually. People start to go to work again. Shopping malls and parks also start to be busy.

A series of policies to go abroad have been implemented, and tourism has been revitalized, and the foreign trade industry seems to have injected new vitality. There are constantly companies trying to go out to meet customers they have not seen for a long time, or simply chat, or sincere business negotiations, in short, meet with customers. After a long internal discussion, our company decided to explore Indonesia first. Having made the appointment with the guest, the general manager, vice general manager and general manager assistant set out on March 3,2023 with sincere hearts. There is a saying in China that sincerity is always the ultimate skill.

Go to the guest office, have dinner with the guests, communicate with the guests about the products, go to Indonesia to see the factory. The busy week is changing rapidly with the continuous change of the means of transportation. Every day is different guests, different meals, different scenery. Talking with customers is no longer just about products, prices, delivery dates, and the sense of estrangement with customers gradually faded, as if the COVID-19 had not existed for three years. We are very grateful for China's opening up, so that we can communicate with guests face to face in a sincere way, not just cold words.