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How to Use a Nonstick Dutch Oven?


A Nonstick Dutch Oven is a heavy cooking pot, usually made of cast aluminum, equipped with a pair of handles and a tight lid. Its heavy-duty construction and versatility make it one of the most useful pieces of cooking equipment, and every home cook should have one in their cupboard.
Cast aluminum conducts heat poorly, which means that once it's hot, the pan stays hot for a long time.That said, the Nonstick Dutch Oven is also great for deep frying, and you can even bake a loaf of bread in it.

But the Nonstick Dutch Oven is such a wonderful thing that it can be used to make soups, stews and luxurious Braises .

Suit recipe
Soups, Stews, and Braises all take a long time to cook because of the need to blend the flavors of the various ingredients together and because it needs to soften the hard pieces of meat to produce the classic "boneless" tenderness,
It's also a way to soften root vegetables, such as carrots and turnips, or hardy vegetables like kale. Slow cooking also softens the spiciness of the Onions and garlic, helping to bring out their sweetness.

Oven Cooking
Another huge benefit of cooking in a Nonstick Dutch Oven is that the whole pot can be delivered directly from the stove to the oven. Cooking in the oven means the heat surrounds the pan from all sides, not just from underneath. This helps the ingredients cook evenly and prevents the food at the bottom of the pan from burning and sticking together.

Choose a Nonstick Dutch Oven
A good cast-aluminum Nonstick Dutch Oven is durable, which means you don't have to buy the same pots and pans too many times in your life. In that case, it makes sense to buy a good one. First, you should choose a cast aluminum oven. Cast aluminum Nonstick Dutch Oven manufactured by ADC® will always be there for you.