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All about Chinese wok


Chinese Woks are cooking utensils with high, sloping walls and rounded bottoms.

Besides, they have one big handle, and some of them has two side handles. Because of

the high, sloping walls of Chinese woks,they allow you to cook different types of food

compared to frying pans. The best part about woks is that they help you cook food in

less time. When you add food, the Chinese woks generate enough heat so that you

complete cooking in no time.

our ADC Chinese wok has a flat-bottomed make it can work over an induction, gas, or

electric stove with ease. Also you can use it to do with stir-frying, boiling,

braising, deep-frying and steaming, that makes it very heat efficient and easier to

use when cooking Asian foods. When you cook in Chinese woks, the food contacts with

their surface each time, because the food is always moving around, they get an even

cook at high temperature. Because you toss and flip food around when cooking on

Chinese woks, the food contacts the oil in the bottom. You don’t have to coat the

entire pan with oil. One to two tablespoons are sufficient.