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What is a Nonstick Dutch Oven?


Are you excited about your brand new Nonstick Dutch Oven and want to use it right away? Read below information today.

Oh, Nonstick Dutch Oven -- probably the most underrated cooker. Sure, the name can be a little misleading, but make no mistake: The Nonstick Dutch Oven has all the incredible qualities and is an absolute kitchen must-have. 

What is a Nonstick Dutch Oven?
The cookware doesn't look exactly like a traditional oven, despite the word in its name. A Nonstick Dutch Oven is a heavy pot-shaped cookware which has a nonstick coating, usually with a tight lid and handle.

Usually, these cooking containers are made of cast aluminum. However, there are also other materials made of Nonstick Dutch Oven, such as ceramic, iron.

Here, we emphasize quality so that the Nonstick Dutch Oven can be added to your kitchen for as long as possible.

Why Is It Called a “Dutch” Oven?
Dutch ovens are heavily used in French cooking - after all, who doesn't love the decadent Coq au Vin? So, you might be wondering how this cookware got its name. To answer that question, let's go back a few centuries.
Among Europeans, the Dutch are known for making the best cookware. For this reason, an Englishman named Abraham Darby went to the Netherlands to study their technology. One method he encountered was called sanding, and he adapted it to his own purposes, creating the Dutch oven as we know it today.
Some historians believe that naming it the "Dutch oven" was a way of paying homage to the original creator of the cooker. However, other historians believe that the cookware got its name because Dutch merchants sold pots of this style across the United States.
Whatever its specific origins, the Dutch oven became a very popular cookware as many people migrated west in the 19th century. Because of its versatility and durability, it was used by various explorers, including Lewis and Clark.
To this day, this style of cookware is still used to make popular French country recipes, such as beef bourguignon.

Nonstick Dutch ovens can be used for most kitchen tasks. Whether you're stewing, boiling, or frying, this time-honored kitchenware is one of the kitchen must-haves.